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Available 8.6.24

“You haven’t been west in any meaningful sense until you’ve been to Blue Deer, Montana.” —The New York Times

Jules Clement is back in Blue Deer, working as an archaeologist and private investigator. He’s a happy man but everything that can go wrong will, in terms of money, love, and murder, neighbors, and Russian businessmen dying horrible deaths. All of it pulls Jules back tothe central tragedy of his life: the murder of his father.​

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 “Jules is charming, sexy, slightly unstable, and yet at bottom incorruptible . . . He was born to keep the peace in Blue Deer, the sort of town that rascals grow misty-eyed over.” — The Philadelphia Inquirer

The earlier Jules Clement novels
Available 7.2.24


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“A sparkling, caustic first novel . . . In this madly original debut, Ms. Harrison speaks up in a fresh, animated voice to say something worth saying about the festering animosities of small minds cooped up in small towns.” 

—The New York Times Book Review

“[A] remarkable debut…  fast-paced and sexy.” —Chicago Tribune

“This is a wonderfully imaginative, ordered plot . . . The Edge of the Crazies is an auspicious debut, by any standard a polished and eminently readable mystery novel.” 

—Los Angeles Times 

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“Harrison is still able to stop us in our tracks with the perfect sentence.” —Chicago Tribune

“What seems characteristic of the best crime writing is surpassingly true of Jamie Harrison: she is creating entertainment and diversion, but she is also writing social history as accurate in its essences as a road map and generating a most admirable work of literature.” —Los Angeles Times

“You haven’t been west in any meaningful sense until you’ve been to Blue Deer, Montana… Jules rekindles our delight in Ms. Harrison’s offbeat sensibility and tart regional voice.” —The New York Times Book Review


“Harrison takes her time resolving these criminal matters, allowing us to linger in Blue Deer long enough to learn its history, drink in the scenery and laugh at the kinks and quirks of its idiosyncratic residents. No wonder the world-weary Jules came running back home the first chance he got—the place is heaven.”—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

“Humor, intelligence and heart.” —Publishers Weekly

“Harrison can really write. An Unfortunate Prairie Occurrence is so full of pithy and thoughtful language that almost every page has at least one memorable line.” —The Seattle Times 

"Witty prose [and] bone-dry humor . . . Blue Deer Thaw is a delight.” —The Seattle Times

“Harrison demonstrates once again that she’s among the most talented writers to grace the genre in recent years.” — Publishers Weekly


“Lively, hilarious . . . Not to be missed by devotees of good writers with an exquisite sense of humor.” —Kirkus Reviews 

“The fourth book in the Blue Deer series is another gem.” —The Washington Post

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