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About the author

Jamie Harrison, who has lived in Montana with her family for more than thirty years, has worked as a caterer, a gardener, and an editor, and is the author of six novels: The Center of Everything (June 2020, Counterpoint), The Widow Nash (2017), and the four Jules Clement/Blue Deer mysteries, slated to be reissued soon by Counterpoint Press:  The Edge of the Crazies, Going Local, An Unfortunate Prairie Occurrence, and Blue Deer Thaw. She was awarded the Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association Reading the West Book Award for The Widow Nash, and was a finalist for the High Plains Book Award.


Here's a link to a Harper Audio interview, conducted at the Winter Institute in January, 2017.

The Blue Deer Series 

The Blue Deer mysteries are slated to be reissued in the coming year by Counterpoint Press. Copies are available online through sellers such as Powell' and Amazon. Signed books are occasionally available through Elk River Books in Livingston, Montana.

The Edge of the Crazies
Going Local
An Unfortunate
Prairie Occurrence
Blue Deer Thaw
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