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Meet Dulcy Remfrey

Winner of the 2017 Reading the West Award

A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice


"Sweeping and richly hued." ― The New York Times Book Review


"Georgeously written." ― Entertainment Weekly

"What keeps you reading is not just the quality of the writing, which is just absolutely wonderful, but also to find out: Is [Dulcy] going to [remake herself]? Can this be successful? Or is she going to be found out?" ―Nancy Pearl, Morning Edition, NPR

"Jamie Harrison is a clever, gifted writer, and this shining book is flat-out terrific." ― Carl Hiaasen

"An adventurous, ambitious, inventive novel by a writer to relish." ― Colum McCann


"Does our personal history rewind when we suffer a traumatic head injury? Harrison’s meticulously crafted, graceful novel plays with the passage of time.'”

O Magazine

"This doesn’t feel like a work of fiction. It feels real, like reading someone’s diary. . . A brilliant book―I wish I could write like this." ―Jamie Ford

"As lush as the landscapes themselves. . . Harrison's writing shimmers like light-sparkled water.”The Washington Post

"This gorgeous novel is well worth your time." —People

“The Center of Everything” becomes like a waking dream readers won’t want to wake up from." —Caroline Leavitt, The San Francisco Chronicle

"Brilliant . . .Readers will find themselves wishing this won’t end." —Publishers Weekly 

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